Hampshire wedding Photographers

I am a wedding photographer - I have been for 10 years and have covered somewhere in the region of 500 weddings throughout Sussex Surrey and Hampshire.   I love my job and it is a fabulous vocation whereby you get to spend the most important day of couples lives with them and document the biggest party they are ever likely to hold.

It is so important to find the right photographer for your day - there needs to be an easygoing rapport between a couple and their photographer.  I believe in this regard I pass the test - I have had some wonderful compliments over the years and I'm very proud of that!  It is wonderful to be recognised for being discreet, unobtrusive and at the same time for being kind, helpful and approachable.  Its important to be flexible and accommodating - whilst still maintaining control.

 Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - A great Song to Walk Down the Aisle to - Something very unusual for my Bride,

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - A great Song to Walk Down the Aisle to - Something very unusual for my Bride,


I believe every wedding is different, and they are treated as such - They are different in the sense of all the elements that have been brought together in a day, the wedding venue, people, music, food, games, speeches and my challenge is to get the photography to reflect the individual personalities of each wedding.  Some are mad, loud, bonkers from start to finish, others are quieter and more gentle, some are very intimate.  They are all gorgeous - I love the variety and I also love capturing the essence of your unique day.

I don't like to overpose you,  The more candid and natural the better - and I cover the essential static shots from the day which people seem to enjoy keeping as a record - Dress, Shoes, Flowers, but they dont take up much time.  My formals are, I feel essential but take a maximum of 20 minutes.  I usually ask for a list of about 10 and it does help me identify some of the important family members, so its a useful stage.  But standing for hours shooting formals is not my bag!  I want fun , laughter, emotion, and joy and that is captured watching the guests and anticipating moments.  As an experienced wedding photographer this is instinctive to me.


If you would like to browse around the site you will see what my style is and what type of pictures I love to take